Open a Company in Bulgaria - Tailored Company Formation Services

Open a Company in Bulgaria - Tailored Company Formation Services

Aug 22, 2023

This company registration agents in Bulgaria assist entrepreneurs with setting up businesses in this country and opening various types of companies here.

Open Company in Bulgaria (Update 2023).

Steps to assist clients in opening a company in Bulgaria.

Company formation in Bulgaria

A foreign entrepreneur from Croatia, USA or Hungary can use our specialists in company formation to set up their sole proprietorship, partnership, representative office, branch or subsidiary in Bulgaria. Company formation documents in Bulgaria must be signed before notaries and minimum share capital should be deposited into bank accounts before registration with Commercial Register at Registry Agency as well as VAT registration - you may also require legal advice when doing business abroad such as France.

Types of Companies | Limited Liability Company [LLC], Joint Stock Company, Branch of Foreign Company or Branch Representative Office and Foundation Association. The minimum share capital requirement for LTD companies in Bulgaria is 2 BGN
Minimum number of shareholders required for limited company.

Timeframe for incorporation 3 days from when share capital is deposited
Corporate tax rate
10% flat Dividend tax rate 5% upon profit distribution VAT rate 20 %
Are shelf companies available? No; but possible in certain instances. Do you supply registered address/virtual office services? Yes
Local director required? No Annual meeting necessary No Redomiciliation permitted but usually infeasible
Electronic signature erforderlich Annual return required? Yes mes Foreign ownership allowed Yes
Any tax incentives (if applicable).

Are any tax exemptions available, depending on the activity of my company?

Company formation in Bulgaria

Location Advantages: Bulgaria offers an ideal environment for conducting business across Europe due to its geographic position - bordered by the Black Sea on one side, Romania on another, Serbia and Macedonia to the north, Greece and Turkey all to its south - it makes up part of Southeastern Europe with an area covering 110,994 km2, making it 14th largest European nation.

Business Opportunities in Bulgaria: Home to over 7 million people, Bulgaria's population is predominantly urbanized and commercial and cultural activities center around Sofia - its capital and largest city - which serves as its commercial and cultural center.

When it comes to economic sectors, Bulgaria relies heavily on natural resources for agriculture, power engineering and heavy industry production; all three sectors also rely heavily on centralized EU laws which create political stability as well as business stability for doing business there.

Lastly, Bulgaria holds membership in European Union, NATO and Council of Europe providing an additional layer of political and business stability.

Low business costs: Hungary offers an extremely favorable tax regime, boasting one of the lowest corporate income taxes and personal income taxes in Europe; labor costs in Hungary also compare favorably with Germany, Belgium and France as well as other EU nations.

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